In Your Face, Mommy.

After reading my 10-year-old daughter’s essay entry, I told her it was good, but it could be better, and don’t expect to win anything. Before you tsk tsk at my response, let me provide context. The previous year, she entered the same contest, poured her heart into writing an essay, and I told her it was amazing and was sure to win something. Well, she didn’t win and was very disappointed. I felt a little responsible. I shouldn’t have pumped her up. I should’ve known better; happiness hinges on expectations. With lesson learned, I kept it sober this year.

My daughter’s essay ended up winning first place in the school and second place in the region (within her age bracket). She was shocked. At pickup that afternoon, she gave me the news, her voice a medley of surprise, exhilaration, pride, happiness, and in-your-face-mommy. Being wrong can sometimes feel so right.

The Americanism Essay Contest was sponsored by the Southern Maryland District of the American Legion Auxiliary. The topic was “How I Can Show My Patriotism in My Community.” Here’s her essay:

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  1. awesome, Sophie.

  2. Nice Job Sophie! She must get her writing skills from her mom;)

  3. Her writing style reminds me of you.

    • I do write like a 10-year-old, don’t I?

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