Yuna at the Beach (Pages 1 & 2)

Title Page:
Title Page

Page 1:
It’s summer vacation. I eat a banana and watch TV, remembering the last day of school. The big kids were singing, “No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks, no more math and history, summer time will set us free.” But I don’t feel free. And Miss Middleton always looked clean to me. I miss her already.

Page 2:
How does free feel? Is it like running and never getting tired? Like swimming without losing your breath? Is it like being the queen and doing whatever you want? Or is it more like flying?

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  1. So happy that Yuna is back. I missed her!

  2. I AM the Queen and act like it always! Miss u. Bring the girls to swim this summer. Need to do brunch with MB- SOON!

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