I Can’t Draw

But I can write.

The materials I used for this piece were acrylic paint, a nail, and a white Malm headboard from the scrap pile at Ikea. I painted the white board black, let it dry, then scratched words onto it with a nail. The scratchings leave a nice texture. You can feel the words.

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  1. Looks like something you would find at the national archives. I am sure you have enough material (stories, thoughts, etc.) to fill up several dozen of these.

    • I’m going to make one for every year. Maybe go with yellow paint for 2012.

  2. The pictures do not do this artwork justice. It really is an amazing and inspiring piece. I love that it combines visual art with your love for words.

    • You are right about the combo. The piece seems to make more sense to me with time.

  3. I SAW this in person ……it’s totally cool, and Patti, now I am scrounging in the IKEA junks piles as well !!!!

    • Oh good. That’s just one more place I may run into you! Thanks, Regina. You totally inspire. And I’m loving Oliver’s book. I also saw CRAFT IN AMERICA last night on PBS. SO EXCELLENT. You must see.

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