Earlier this month when I was visiting my artist friend, Sima Schloss, I came across this book on her shelf:

VISUAL CHRONICLES by Linda Woods & Karen Dinino

Something about reading this book and being surrounded by Sima’s stacks of her own daily visual journals made me want to create my own. Today, I started my scrapbook. I used an old children’s hard book and covered the first pages with cutouts of old photos, cards, and some original artwork from my daughter.

I look forward to filling these pages with photos, receipts, ticket stubs, handwritten notes, report cards, brochures, drawings, scraps of fabric, clippings from magazines… anything and everything to chronicle our days together.

The cover. My eyes got cut off, so Ellie drew them in.

Something I say to my kids when they whine of boredom.

Since Christmas is right around the corner…

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  1. This I did not see coming…Patti Kim a scrapbooker. But now that I see the results, it’s clear this isn’t the usual calico chicken and pink heart wallpaper cut-outs.

    • It bit me from behind, Melanie. I’m most pleased with the idea of having a book to paste on all the paper clutter that collects around the house — and call it “art.”

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