Mondays With Mom #10

When we were kids, my sister and I used to mix foods. Hot dogs with seaweed, bulgogi with cheese, fried rice with ketchup, and spaghetti with kimchi. We practiced fusion before fusion became cool. We must have picked it up from my mom. She had no problems serving a pot of spaghetti next to a pot of kimchi jjighe.

I remember an incident when our family was at a Korean market, waiting in line at the register. An American couple was in front of us, buying a small jar of kimchi. The man asked the cashier what he could eat the kimchi with if he didn’t like rice. The cashier seemed at a loss for suggestions. My mom volunteered and said, “Mashed potatoes! It’s so good with mashed potatoes.”

The spread.

Broccoli rabe and red pepper salad with a crushed cashew vinegarette.

Miso soup with mushrooms and tofu.

Eggplants with miso sauce.

Rice and beans.

Kimchi jjighe. This is the ultimate in Korean cuisine.

Spaghetti. She used to make this same sauce at her carry-out every Tuesday. She had customers who came every Tuesday just for her spaghetti.

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  1. Your food pictures are beautiful and would be a revalation to a midwestern girl but I yearn to try Korean someday.

    • Thank you, Connie! If you happen to walk into a Korean restaurant, order the bbq. You can’t go wrong with the bbq.

  2. What’s in that sauce, kimchi? Pls share the recipe.

    • It’s just really ripe kimchi. I’m going to get recipes from her. I have to.

    • Are you referring to the spaghetti sauce? If so, no kimchi in that. She did give me the recipe once. I tried making it. Wasn’t the same. She uses tomato paste.

  3. Yes, the spaghetti sauce. It’s so red, looks delicious – can’t imagine what spaghetti sauce would taste like kimchi ADDED in. I add tofu to my lazy gir’s kimchi soup: dried anchovy, half a garlic minced, bean paste, kimchi and tofu. I’ll have to try it with the seaweed.

    • I like eating kimchi with spaghetti, but mixing it into the sauce? I don’t know. She uses two cans of tomato paste. That’s why it’s so red. Your kimchi soup sounds yum. I wonder what a spoonful of tomato paste would do to it.

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