Fiction Friday #1: Untitled

Her dress was all wrong. She chose ivory, not pure white. The three bridesmaids wore cocktail dresses in eggplant purple. More skin than dress. They looked eager to walk into a bar, not down an aisle. My brother’s bride called it aubergine. Auber-what? I said. It’s aubergine, she said slowly and loudly like I was a deaf Japanese tourist. I didn’t like her, but who was I? I was not his mother, although I practically raised him. I was just a big sister, a noona. He was 25 years old. He had a good job. He wanted to move out. He wanted to start a family of his own. So there the two stood, facing Pastor Lee with their backs turned to us, pretending to listen to his tedious and predictable words about love being patient and kind. The sermon was twice as long because he translated himself from Korean to English. Back and forth like a ping pong match in slow motion. My mother should’ve been here, sitting where I sat, and I, as the oldest child of the family, should’ve been there, standing where my brother stood, getting married. Instead, I was here, sitting next to my father and my other two brothers in the first pew, dressed in the breast-choking hanbok, trying to look as dignified as a lampshade allowed, perplexed at how the fuck I had neglected to trim my father’s eyebrows, and readying myself to chase after them, if they happened to come to life and scurry away.

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  1. Love, love, love! Want to hear more!

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement, Susi. Will write more.

  2. “tedious and predictable words about love being patient and kind…” No shit sister. Can we find other words to fill the time between walking down the aisle and holding a plate in the buffet line?

    (okay, so it is a character of yours. but I always fashioned you as being more romantic than that)

    • I say get rid of the aisle altogether. You fashioned inaccurately. Not the romantic type. And thanks for quoting back my words. It helps me see them in a new light.

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