Mondays With Mom #8

Four couples. Three days in Seoul. Three days in Kyung Joo. Four days in Beijing. Ten days in Pusan. My parents are finally back home. Of course I missed them, but I really missed my mom’s cooking. Today’s lunch felt like a reunion.


Squash, perilla leaves, and greens

Chicken in bulgogi sauce

Fish cakes

Jjang Jo Rohm (marinated beef)

Pickled raddish


Potato salad. Hurry home, John.

What’s a trip to Korea, if you don’t bring back cotton underwear?

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  1. I’m on my way over for that food! Wow. Salivating (must be the Korean underwear).

    • Hahahaha!! Eugenia, I remember my grandmother bringing underwear back from Korea. I’m so happy my mom is keeping the tradition alive. They have the softest cotton.

  2. Missed Mondays with Mom. My mouth’s watering.

  3. Ahhh…the cotton underwear… brings back memories. Of course they are callled “panty” by the true korean though.
    Looking at the colors and prints on the panties, they will very nice on you patti. John is a luck man.

    • The panty line I’m familiar with is called “Sang Bang.” The ultimate in comfort. Hey DM, you are a luck man, too.

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