When I’m grateful, I feel a mix of things: happiness, surprise, kindness, humility, indebtedness and a touch of guilt. I’m happy and surprised to hit the jackpot, but do I deserve it? Who is responsible for these gifts upon my lap? I want to give back. I want to give forward. Gratitude comes with it the urge to reciprocate, the urge to create among us a perpetual rhythm of giving and receiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!
With love,
Ellie, Sophie, Patti and John

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  1. Hi… I got to visit here wondering how you are doing. I’ve just finished reading your book “a cab called reliable.” I was very touched and got teary at the end… now that I can see you smiling with your family, I am very pleased.^^
    I am a Korea living in Pusan. It was the first time to read a novel in English. I am not very fluent in English but it was very enjoyable and interesting to read the stories about you and your dad.
    I hope to read more about your story and wish you and your family happiness. ^^

    • What a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you for writing all the way from Pusan. I’m glad you’ve found my blog and my book. It’s always so rewarding to hear from a reader, especially one so far away. Your English, by the way, is flawless.

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