Little House in the Woods

We’re building a second home up in the mountains of Western Maryland. The trees have been cleared. The land graded. Now, the foundation is being laid.

Like all things we do, this is on a shoe string budget, most of it do-it-yourself. We designed an efficient one floor house with all the plumbing centralized in one location, kitchen-dining-family area in one open space, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mud room in the back with a toilet and sink, and an overhang. My husband wanted to clear the lot, grade the land, and lay the foundation himself. I talked him out of it. He also wanted to build the shell of the house in our driveway, rent a tractor trailer, transport the panels to the mountains, and assemble the wall panels himself. I talked him out of it. We went with a local builder to construct the shell of the house on site.

After that’s up, John can have at it with putting in electric, siding, plumbing, hvac, insulation, floors, interior finish…

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  1. That is very exciting!

  2. You forgot to include a shot of your neighbor’s house and supplier of power & water for the interim – Auntie Sue. Best if all, I get to watch all the work from my back deck.

    • What would we do without you, Auntie Sue!? You keep an eye on them. Make sure they’re not slacking.

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