Mondays with Mom #7

so much depends


battered with

fried in

Watercress pancakes next to kimchi pancakes, my favorite.

Watercress salad.

Drumsticks with potatoes and carrots.

Stir fried cabbage and carrots with marinated zucchini.

Korean latkes.

Green kimchi.

My mom in her first kitchen in America. Arlington, VA. 1977.

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  1. How come I don’t remember ever eating your mom’s cooking? All I can ever remember were your notorious big macs and our obsession with ranch dressing, particularly at Mexican joints. Does your mom spend her weekends cooking for you/Nan, and do all her cooking for the week? Wow…I’m impressed every week. When I visit this summer, I’m definitely coming on a Monday!

    • I was looking through some old photos today and oh boy was I chunky. My mom didn’t cook much when she was working. We were just talking about how they’d bring home a bucket of KFC chicken for dinner. Nan and I grew up on fast food. All this home cooking didn’t happen until she stopped working. Come by. We’d love to see you.

  2. Inspired by your blog I went out for Korean food last week. What I ate–it didn’t look as good as your Monday meals.

    • Where’d you go? I feel that way, too, when I eat out for Korean. I don’t know why, but it’s just not as good. See you Saturday!

  3. Channeling William Carlos Williams? The food looks wonderful, sigh…

    • More derivative than channeled.

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