Mondays with Mom #6

When my mother was a girl, she wanted to be a dancer. When her father ended her lessons, she turned to her mother, who had no power to make demands on behalf of her children. My mother finished high school, but never went to college. She married young, had me and my sister, and followed my father’s dream of life in a foreign land. I wonder how often she woke up in the middle of the night to the stink of her dreams denied.

My mother dances as the boy.

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  1. Have you asked her?

    It’s an interesting question for all of us who have followed a path that might be divergent from our “dreams.” For some of us (or, specifically, me)–when I think about the dream vs. the current realities, I recognize that the current circumstances are a choice.

    • I have asked and of course she says she wouldn’t change anything. It’s useless to dwell on those things, she says. She and most women of her generations didn’t have many choices. Whatever she chose, it was done passively.

  2. by the way, wonderful pictures.

  3. Yes, this would not be a good “stink”. All of us have had these “stink-mares”….however, she also often awoke to the pleasant aroma of her two beautiful children and the sight of a glass half full, ne?

    • She had to have, Tommy, otherwise she wouldn’t have lasted. Somewhere along the way, we all must make adjustments to our dreams.

  4. Oh, and GORGEOUS photos

  5. I absolutely love the photos!
    It is so great that she has them as reminders of her youth. Women so often have to give up so much.

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