Mondays with Mom #4

I drove Ellie to the emergency room last night because she was urinating blood and screaming while doing it. Her fever was back up. John was out of town, so I called my friend Pam across the street. Her husband, Tom, came over to watch Sophie, while Ellie and I headed over to Holy Cross. She was admitted around 8:00 and discharged around 2:00 in the morning. It was a long night of waiting, tests, tests, and more tests.

The tests came back negative. No bacterial infections, no kidney abnormalities, no blood count irregularities. The doctor really couldn’t say for certain what might be wrong, recommended we wait and see, smiled, wished us a restful night, and rushed off to see another sick child.

We came home to Sophie sound asleep in her room, and Tom getting up off the couch. Ellie crawled into her bed and fell asleep. I answered emails, went to bed, and slept a good three hours. I had a very vivid dream last night of meeting an old girlfriend I hadn’t seen in many years. We ate, talked about old times, caught up, and laughed. The company was palpably enjoyable. Having the comfort of such dreams in the midst of a crisis was a gift. I woke up to thunder and rain outside, feeling calm and rested.

Ellie has improved today. Her fever is gone. Her urine is no longer pink. Her screech-inducing pain has been downgraded to a sting.

My husband is not here, but it’s hard to feel alone with phone calls, emails, and facebook messages of advice, prayers and good wishes. Our neighbor took Sophie to school this morning. Another brought her home. And of course, it’s Monday. My parents came over, my mom carrying in her big shopping bag of food.

The food.

My mom’s french fries. The kids love this.

Sesame chicken with potatoes and carrots.


Radish greens salad with beets. The greens are from my garden.

Tofu and fish tempura.

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  1. What a comfort it must have been to have your mom with you today. Sending good thoughts and prayers down the street for Ellie. I’m around all day Tuesday and Wednesday (until 3:30pm) during the day if you need anything.

    • Thank you so much, Ellen. Yes, it was great having my mom and dad over. We talked about everything from real estate to wrinkle prevention.

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