I Left My Children

For a brief excursion to New York City. As crucial as it is to have a place of escape, it’s more important to have somebody there to receive you, somebody who can energize, calm, entertain, and inspire you, so that you can return to your life with more to give. Tina Tang, my bff from junior high and jeweler extraordinaire does that for me. Because of her, I laughed my way through adolescence, cackling like a hyena. She is a creative powerhouse, and she’s relentless. She’s the one who got me to blog. Every morning, she’d send me a nagging text: “Where is your blog?”

Her design world in NYC is far removed from my world of carpools, homework, stuffed animals, and Ellie roller skating in the house; the sheer difference is a breath of fresh air, even if it is NYC air.

I love going away because I love coming back.

Find Tina and her pieces at http://www.tinatang.com.

Ellie posing pretty in her vexing roller skates.

Ellie breaking pretty pose.

Ellie coming after me.

Getting on the bus with Mamabu, my driver.

Bus ride.

Walking to Tina’s office.

Having soup at Wich Craft.

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