Mondays with Mom #2

Mom is thrilled pictures of her and her food are on the internet. All those years she cooked at her carry-out, she didn’t get much recognition or exposure. So, I’m devoting my Monday posts to her cooking.

Sometimes, she’ll surprise us with an all American dish. Today, she brought her potato salad, which made John very happy.

An exchange between John and mom:

John: How do you make this?
Mom: You know, potato and carrot and boil egg and mix with the Miracle Whip.
John: I try to make potato salad and it doesn’t taste like this.
Mom: You not me.
John: This is very good.
Mom: You like?
John: Yes, I like it very much. You’re a very good cook.
Mom: You not bad, too, John.


Dehnjahng (Bean) Soup.

Chicken with broccoli and pea sprouts.

Cucumbers and greens.

Green kimchi.

Fried fish.

Potato salad.

John and mom.

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  1. Not so sure about the soup but everything else looks YUMMY. Your mom just needed the world wide web back then or one of those fliers that I find at my door every week.

    • The soup is good, Sue. You would like it. It’s the ultimate comfort food.

  2. Your mom SERIOIUSLY makes all that food for you and brings it over every monday? Wow…I’m going to show these pics to my mom and make her feel guilty. Yes, I am! Everything looks so yummy, except for the potato salad and that’s only because of the Miracle Whip. I’m a total Hellmans girl.

    • John said they weren’t your mashed potatoes, but it’ll do.

  3. Love it! Yum. And you might write a whole book about conversations between Johna and Mom!

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