At Steve’s

Back in high school, partying consisted of a fake id, night clubs, gyrating to loud disco music, bangs aqua-netted into sculpture, a black turtleneck, a black miniskirt, and red lipstick. Back in college, partying consisted of fellowship with church friends, some circular get-to-know-you game, Korean food, and singing praise songs. Back in graduate school, I rarely partied. And then, came the onslaught of kiddie parties. So, these days it’s really delightful to go to a party that doesn’t include moon bounces, bowling balls, and Chuck E.

Last night, we went to our friend Steve’s. Four of the guests, myself included, were prepped to share five minutes of our talent, knowledge, experience, or expertise. Chris shared the history of the banjo and played some tunes. Glenn told a fascinating story of his first car: how they met, how they fought, and how they parted. This was while he was doing research in South Africa. David played guitar and sang really depressing Russian songs, which sounded delightful enough to us. Yes, he sang in Russian. And I read the first chapter of my new book.

The company was remarkable. The big pot of soup, heartwarming. And surrounding us was Steve’s art. He has a day job, but he likes to paint and sculpt in his free time. On his walls hang his originals. They show like remarkable talents in and of themselves, rich, vivid, generous, maybe even momentarily alarming, but always, the perfect hosts.


Chris on banjo.

Glenn and his first car.

David singing Russian.

Paintings by Steve:

From salvaged hubcaps.

Host and artist Steve Hill.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. What a great idea for a party.

    It’s funny how much you can learn about people that you’ve known for some time; like just how creative and artistic YOUR OWN BROTHER is! He has really shown his creativity in recent years. I am constantly amazed by the art that he turns out.

  2. How nice to hear from you, John! Yes, your bro is one talented and creative guy.

  3. That’s our son, Steve!!! What a delightful idea for a party! Wish we could have been there to hear and observe and feel the energy oozing from the guests and host of this unique gathering, highlighting their interesting talents!!! … And the soup looks rich and yummy! Delicioso!!!

  4. So how do we get invited to a Steve Hill party??
    It would be great to see him!!
    Great pics and story, Patti.

    • Hey Shobha, you have to know the right people. we’ll get you in next time. 😉

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