Where Did You Get That?

Budgets force creativity and resourcefulness. With two kids and a mortgage, blowing $200 on a dress is not an act of empowerment for me. It’s not that I don’t deserve a $200 dress. I do, but I also deserve food, a full tank of gas, heat, and some just-in-case money. So what do I do? I hit the thrift stores. I know what you’re thinking: eeeww. I’ve had the same feeling, until I bought my first Hermes necktie for $.60 and sold it on eBay for $94. For the price of a Starbucks coffee, I can own a Jil Sander shirt or a Gucci skirt or a St. John jacket or a Ferragamo scarf or a J Crew sundress… And when my closet gets too full, I can turn a profit. My most recent find was a very rare Tod’s purse which I bought for $7 and sold for $449. You get over the “used” part pretty quickly.

My shopping habit has turned into a small business. My parents did all they could to shoo me away from their world of running a store. However, growing up in the backdrops of a liquor store, a carry-out, a dry cleaners, and a print shop has left its mark. Buried under a published novel, an MFA, and a writing life is in me a Korean store owner who will not be denied.

Dress by Marimekko for Anthropolgie. Shoes by Prada.

The Tod’s purse flies to Canada on Monday.

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  1. Love it. Always amazing.

  2. If John brings the girls to the office 99 more times, you’ll have the money for the dress!

    • And I’ll be 139 years old.

  3. I’m a fairly regular thrift store shopper as well, but I’m not familiar enough with the high end adult designers to turn a profit. $7 to $449 is pretty darn amazing.

    I got over the used part pretty darn quickly after I found a matching Hanna Andersson dress and leggings in the perfect size for a then 11 month old Esther !

  4. I LOVE IT!!

  5. Wow!

    What a deal!

    I’m at VV all the time but not familiar with the high end adult designers – maybe you can teach me and Kris a few tricks! 🙂



  6. I am always finding things in there that were not even ever used. Still sealed and in original packaging, or with the tags still on.

  7. WOW. I am new to thrift shopping (I did in high school and college, because I dug being the weird girl in dead men’s clothes and a crew cut. Recently I have returned. When I found out that little boy’s sweatpants were 99 cents, a vision of a life without mending knees flashed before my eyes.)

    But CLEARLY you are shopping somewhere different. I get excited when I see big names like Talbots and Jos. A Banks. But your big names are, um, a lot better.

    I have no interest in horning in on your ebay gig; and obviously we are different sizes. So it’s safe to tell me if you want to.

  8. It is always a treat to run into you at Value Village on half price days! You, with your cart overflowing with treasures, great fun!

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