Fast Food

For a fast, simple, healthful and tasty meal, requiring minimal cooking, try my version of fast sushi. I love the way this tastes and feels. The creamy avocado with the cool crunch of the cucumber and the sweet tang of the ginger with the sticky warmth of the brown rice all wrapped in salty seaweed never fail to make me utter, damn this is good.

Brown rice. I make this in advance in a pressure cooker and keep a big batch of it in the frig.

Pre-roasted, pre-salted, pre-cut seaweed sheets from Costco.

Half of a ripe avocado from Costco.

Cucumber slices from Costco.

Pickled ginger from H Mart.

My lunch.

*If you want meat, add canned salmon or tuna mixed with a little mayo.

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  1. This looks so delicious!

  2. There really needs to be sushi for people who don’t like seaweed. Sushi is this food that sounds so amazing, that I want to eat so badly… until I bite into the seaweed. Can you fix that, Patti?

    • Have you tried the roasted/salted kind? Ellie hated seaweed until she tasted these.

    • Try replacing the seaweed with lettuce wraps.

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