The Harp Teacher

When I was a kid, I took piano for three years. I hated it. The stress made me sweat profusely during the lessons. The white keys were brown by the end of the torturous half hour. So, I quit.

If I had had Sophie’s harp teacher, I may have actually enjoyed playing music. During lessons, April Vega says things like: The fingering is tricky, but it’s so cool. Try this, it’s really neat. Which song do you like better? Imagine a story in your head when you’re playing this, or else it’ll get boring, and if you get bored, we get bored. She encourages my 9-year-old to turn music into moving pictures and give it meaning and feeling by bringing in her own personal narrative. Sophie’s been taking harp lessons for about nine months. She plays harp better than I ever played piano in my third year. I love that.

The best teachers live multiple lives. April also plays with a band called Harp 46, is working on the release of her 5th cd, and is a candidate for a PhD in Religion and Culture at Catholic University of America. On top of that, she’s raising a three-year-old.

Check her out at and

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  1. clear how happy sophie is with her harp, her teacher, her life. lovely photo and blog entry, patti.

    • Many thanks, Joyce.

  2. What a lovely photo of April and Sophie!

  3. See the piano enviously watching the harp lesson? My son, Josh, left a couple of years of sweat on the keys of that piano. May it find healing in the presence of these joyful and playful musicians.

    • LOL, Terry! Funny you say that because Sophie started on the piano. Took a year, saw the harp in April’s studio, and it was adios to the keys.

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