Mondays with Mom

Unlike most, I look forward to Mondays because my mom brings me lunch. She sets the covered tupperware, gladware, and stainless steel bento containers on the table, and I open up the lids like a kid opening gifts. My joy is deep, not only because the food is so good, but also because when I was a kid, my mom worked, waking up at 3 in the morning to cook soul food at her carry-out in South East DC, and I rarely experienced a lunch made and packed by mom.

As John and I gratefully dig in to our weekly Korean feast, he asks, “What’s this? How did you make this? What’s in this?” And I exchange news and gossip with her. We talk in Korean. So we’re loud. No, John, we’re not arguing.

After she sees that we’re eating, she then sits down, surrounds herself with three baskets full of our clean laundry, and folds it.

Me with my mom.

The food.

Radish kimchi.

Green beans, bok choi, and seaweed.

Stewed Chicken with potatoes and carrots.

Seaweed soup.

Mom folding our underwear.

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    • Thank you, Sima! You must meet her one of these days.

  2. Best post yet. You are so lucky. Count your blessings.

    • Thanks, Pam. And where is your blog?

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