That’s the title of my second novel.  My first book, A CAB CALLED RELIABLE, was published by St. Martin’s Press in 1997.  That was a long time ago.  A husband and two children later, I’ve written another book and am looking for a publisher.  I’ve collected four rejection letters so far.  They’re all enthusiastic, encouraging, and full of praise, but end with:  it’s not right for us.  My agent tells me the digital age has publishers afraid of their own shadows.  I hope to find one brave enough and smart enough to see her shadow for what it really is, a shadow.

My first book in published form.

My second book in unpublished form.

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  1. hey patti, i love the headline: ebay powerseller. also like your post title: a moving violation. it’s poetic. don’t be discouraged. keep on it and you’ll find the right publisher for you. good luck patti.

    • Hey Eddie, Thank you for the warm wishes. You be sure to travel boldly and safely.

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